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Our mission is to train you with the latest in First Aid, CPR, and Safety Training. We strive to provide you with the very best in equipment, books, and of course with our talent.

Our instructors have extensive experience in adult and community education. Some have experience as paramedics, firefighters, or school educators. Combined we provide real-life experience and a passion for ensuring that our students have the skills and necessary knowledge to perform in an emergency situation.

Get Trained, Save Lives with Act Now Training


Our Instructors are what truly make us great. At Act Now Training you can know that our instructors come from relevant emergency and educational backgrounds and are all certified by the Canadian Red Cross, a mark of excellence in first aid and safety


We invest in our training equipment to get you the very best so your learning experience is truly complete. In addition, we provide all of our students with the necessary protective equipment to perform all the skills according to the most stringent guidelines


The Canadian Red Cross is a sign and mark of excellence when it comes to first aid and CPR training. In addition to that we believe the Red Cross carries an important mission in Canada and abroad by helping those who need help in the time they need it the most.

Becky Banks
Educator / Instructor

Becky spent thirteen years working for the Calgary Board of Education before creating Act Now Corporation. Her experience with the Calgary Board of Education has allowed her to develop teaching styles that benefit everyone`s learning style. Her mission, to train the public with life-saving skills.

Greg Heise
Fire Fighter / Instructor
Greg has been teaching for the Red Cross for just over six years. He brings his expertise to the classroom with his hands-on experience as a Fire Fighter for the last 9 years.