First Aid Training

Get trained, save lives.

Being emergency ready has been for sometime the number one priority for most employers and institutions in Calgary. First Aid Training has become a ‘must have’ skill to have at home, work or play. The consequences of not being trained in first aid in the event of an emergency are immense.

Act Now training has been a certified Canadian Red Cross training partner for over a decade. We provide first aid training to thousands of people in Calgary and Southern Alberta every year.

First Aid Classes

There are different levels of first aid training available to students. All first aid classes contain a similar core of basic first aid training that touch on the most urgent life saving skills.

All First Aid Courses include CPR and AED Training. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED ) are considered the most basic skills in first aid training.

Canadian Red Cross Certified+

The Canadian Red Cross has been the standard setter in Canada when it comes to First Aid and CPR Training. No other institution carries the same weight and trust as the Canadian Red Cross.

The Red Cross courses are both simple and thorough; these two qualities make the courses easy to understand yet provide the sufficient knowledge and skill level to satisfy the federal and provincial requirements. In addition to that a substantial portion of every course goes to fund the various programs and projects run by the Canadian Red Cross in Alberta and abroad.

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First Aid Courses Offered:

Standard First Aid

Standard First Aid Training is the course required by most employers and institutions. This course covers basic life saving skills and in-depth knowledge on specific medical emergencies.

Course length: 2 Days

Includes CPR / AED Certification

Equipment and Facilities

Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid Training is the most basic level of first aid training. This course usually satisfies most workplaces and institutions.

Course length: 1 Day

Includes CPR / AED Certification

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Child Care First Aid

Child Care First Aid is intended for those who are commonly in contact with children and infants. This course is recommended for child care workers, teachers, nannies, moms and dads.

Course length: 2 days

Includes CPR/ AED Certification

child care first aid and cpr


First Aid Instructor Courses

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