The first step to a professional baby sitter

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The Babysitter course is a basic first aid and care-giving skills training for youth ages 10 and up. Participants will learn how to provide care to younger children in a variety of age groups, and how to prevent and respond to basic emergencies that can arise.

This course also offers youth the training to promote themselves as a babysitter to prospective parents.

As a trained babysitter, you will learn:

  • Basic skills to care for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children
  • How to care for himself/herself and siblings when home alone
  • How to create a safe environment, and deal with phone calls and unexpected visitors
  • How to react confidently in case of an emergency, such as choking, bleeding, poisoning, or burns
  • How to cope with common problems, such as tantrums and crying
  • Games and activities to keep kids of all ages entertained
  • How to manage a babysitting business, including creating a resumé and a business card, and asking the right questions before accepting a babysitting job

Participants are encouraged to bring a peanut-free snack. This course is appropriate for ages 10 and up



Ready to become a professional babysitter? Well, this is the best start you can get. This course is also a great place to start learning about life-saving skills

You can expect a class with an instructor that :

  • Have real-world experience in an emergency setting
  • Experience teaching teens and young adults
  • Certified by the Canadian Red Cross for First Aid Training
  • Aware of different student needs and paces
  • Approachable and friendly


Be prepared for the unexpexcted