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In Alberta, the Fall Protection Training Course was design to train people on how to work safely from heights. Fall protection training aims to equip students with essential safety skills in environments where falls are a hazard.

This comprehensive course begins with an introduction to fall protection basics, highlighting the gravity of fall-related injuries and the importance of preventive measures. It thoroughly covers Alberta's specific legislative framework and the standards required for compliance, ensuring participants understand their legal responsibilities.

The training also covers different types of fall protection systems, including passive and active systems, and teaches participants how to identify potential fall hazards at the workplace. It provides detailed insights into the components of fall arrest systems like harnesses and anchors, and instructs on their correct selection, use, and maintenance. Furthermore, the course emphasizes the importance of regular inspection of equipment to maintain its integrity and functionality. Finally, it prepares participants for emergencies by planning and practicing rescue procedures, ensuring they can respond effectively to fall incidents.


Our course meets the provincial requirements and covers all the necessary training legislated by Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws and CSA standards on fall protection.

  • Introduction to Fall Protection
  • Legislation and Standards
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Fall Hazard Identification
  • Fall Arrest System Components
  • System Selection and Use
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Emergency Preparedness and Rescue Planning



Fall Protection Course $140 +GST

*Includes all PPE | COVID-19 Ready

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Working from heights? This training is mandatory for you.

The Fall Protection Training Course is an essential program of particular importance in industries such as construction, maintenance, and any sector involving work at heights. The primary goal of the course is to foster a culture of safety and awareness, thereby reducing the risk of fall-related injuries and fatalities. In Alberta, this course is mandatory for any profession or labour that works above ground.

Upon completion, participants leave the course not only with a greater awareness of the risks associated with working at heights and the practical skills needed to protect themselves and their coworkers from fall-related injuries at the end of satisfactorily completing the program a fall protection certification will be issued to the participant. this certification is needed to enter or continue to be employed in a profession that demands working from heights.


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